EA Originals Was Born to Improve the Bad Reputation of Electronic Arts

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Interviewed by colleagues at GamesIndustry.biz on the thorny issue related to the bad reputation of Electronic Arts, executive vice president Matt Bilbey explained that the company intends to shake off the label of “bad company” through programs like EA Originals.

“I have been a member of EA for 25 years and I continue to fight against the external perception that we are just a bunch of bad people ,  Bilbey begins before stressing the fact that “we love creating video games, but unfortunately when we make mistakes, the whole world he learns because of our size and those of our games”.

All the criticisms made by those who contribute to EA’s bad reputation, however, are not unjustified, as reported by the same manager of Electronic Arts, admitting that “when our company has become so big, there have been concerns related to the fact that we would have disconnected ourselves from new talents, EA Originals is our opportunity to connect with those talents and the most ‘small’ and original ideas: when you are part of a company of this size, it is too easy to fall into the trap that drives you to give credit only to the concepts that it considers the largest “ .

One of the consequences of the change in policy implemented by EA’s top management could be the modification of BioWare’s internal development teams and their key figures to get to the bottom of Anthem’s serious problems , all in the hope that it can be “recovered” for support it and enrich it with content over the next 7/10 years.