Hearthstone: The Latest Update Censors Several Cards in View of Salvatori of Uldum


Waiting for Uldum’s Salvatori expansion to come, the Blizzard Entertainment authors have published a new Hearthstone update and many community users, observing in detail the changes made by the update, complain that the appearance of some papers.

The changes made by the North American authors involve some old papers, the most “controversial” for the image used for the artwork and for the description offered: the interventions made by Blizzard Entertainment concern only the aesthetic aspect , without changing its values and in-game parameters, hence the censorship accusations advanced by the community.

In response to requests for clarification received from fans on forum pages such as Reddit and ResetEra, Blizzard’s Dave Kosak explained to PC Gamer’s colleagues that “we came back to these cards to bring them up to our current standards. Today we would not have made these cards with that design. We didn’t do it because we were complying with international evaluations or regulations (like the particularly restrictive ones of China, ed . ) We just wanted our artists to feel good about everything in the set. 

With these statements, Kosak thus confirms Blizzard’s intention to make changes that reduce the representation of violence and sex in the card game for PCs and iOS and Android mobile systems: rather than a censorship, therefore, it would be a matter of “quality change” that allowed developers to bring the old set cards to current standards.

Before leaving you on the whiteboard of comments to get your opinion on this, we inform Hearthstone fans that the Salvlders Uldum expansion is scheduled for launch on August 6th.