New in Red Dead Online: Lots of Discounts, Money Boosts and New Clothes


After having dreamed of riding towards the Sun with the images of the Red Dead Redemption 2 external Frontier, the authors of Rockstar Games invite us to explore the multiplayer universe of Red Dead Online to appreciate the unpublished contents introduced with the update of early July.

On the occasion of Independence Day, the team of the Grande R celebrates the American anniversary with many rewards and bonuses for those who want to feed their adventurous spirit. There are so many new features planned, ranging from a boost in the acquisition of money and experience to the addition of new elements for aesthetic customization.

In the spirit of this week of festivities, all Red Dead Online Frontier merchants will offer free Weapon Oil to those who request it, thus allowing us to keep our equipment in top condition. Also during the week for Independence Day celebrations, it will be possible to get a bonus of 30% of the money and experience gained during our online raids.

Among the other initiatives promoted by the Frontier merchants of the RDR2 multiplayer mode, we will then find the Evans repeat with a 25% discount, free flags per camp until 8 July and a 50% reduction of the price of red bandanas, white and blue. In the Wheeler catalogue, Rawson & Co. we will be able to find new items like the hot Mini chaps in leather and the last pieces of Chaps Griffith.

Whoever wants to be always in fashion even among the endless clearings of the Old West, will finally be happy to find in the Clothing section of the retailers’ catalogue a new section that includes the robust Cromwell Hat and the slender Cabrera Trousers. Before letting your horse saddle up for the free-roaming dimension of Red Dead Online, we remind you that on these pages you can find out more about Red Dead Online after the Beta.