Celebrate July 4 with the New Fortnite Shop Update

Celebrate July 4 with the New Fortnite Shop Update

“Celebrate your nation’s independence by blowing up a piece of it,” said Apu in one of the Simpsons’ most beautiful episodes. Today is July 4th and traditionally, in the United States, Independence Day is celebrated. Even Fortnite, with the new store update, wants us to join the celebrations.

And so the Epica Fireworks Team Leader skin is now on sale in the store, which will give our character the role of a star-and-bear mascot. You can also purchase the Fireworks cover to make a pendant. If instead the fireworks and the red-white-blue of the American flag are of little interest to you, there is also the Doublecross skin and the matching Flowerprint cover.

Even the Daily Sales are affected by today’s celebrations, as Star-spangled Ranger and Star-Spangled Trooper and Emote Sparkler are on sale. There is also another uncommon outfit, Gage, the back bling Brave Bag and Color Guard, the Tri-Star pick and the Electro Shuffle emote.

You can see the new objects in detail in the tweet at the bottom of the news. As for the latest details on the Battle Royale of Epic Games, today leave the Challenges of Season 9 Week 9 Fortnite, while it seems that is about to begin the event Fortnite X Stranger Things.