Fortnite Season 9: Today’s Week 9 Challenges

Fortnite Season 9: The New Challenges of Week 2 Begin Today!

Among the usual data miners and leaks of various kinds, Fortnite almost has no more secrets for players and fans, and in fact, the latest leaked content in order of time is the Challenges of Week 9, starting this afternoon.

The reports Fortnite the usual Intel, via the Twitter posts of one of the most active insiders on the Battle Royale of Epic Games. According to what reported, the challenges would be the following:

Fortnite Challenges Week 9

  • Use a Drink Barrel or a Trangugio Chanter in 3 different games
  • Visit a solar panel in the snow, in the desert, and in the jungle
  • Stage 1/5: eliminate someone with a weapon of common rarity
  • 2/5: eliminate someone with an uncommon weapon of rarity
  • 3/5: eliminate someone with a rare rare weapon
  • 4/5: eliminate someone with a weapon of epic rarity
  • 5/5: eliminate someone with a legendary rare weapon

The challenges of the Battle Pass have also been leaked :

  • Inflict 500 headshot damage
  • Find 7 trunks in the Languid Lagoon and Happy Hamlet
  • Eliminate 5 opponents in different locations
  • Inflict 200 damage to an opponent within 10 seconds of landing on a volcanic conduit

The challenges will start on the afternoon of Thursday 4 July, but at the moment it is not clear if Epic Games has changed the challenges in question to make leaker and dataminer’s life more difficult.