Fortnite X Stranger Things: The Leaks Reveal Hopper’s and Demogorgone’s Skins

Fortnite: Confirmed the Stranger Things Theme Event

While the new season of Stranger Things is available from today on Netflix, the announced collaboration between the TV series and the famous Epic Games Battle Royale with the Fortnite X Stranger Things event is starting to take more and more shape.

Already with the introduction of the Shopping Center and the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop, in which the characters of Steve and Robin work in the TV series, it was clear that something was coming, and after the official announcement other clues arrived on the themed event, including the introduction of Fortnite ice creams, and the appearance of some strange Fortnite portals attributable to Stranger Things.

Some leaks could also have revealed the arrival of two new theme skins, dedicated to the character of Sheriff Hopper, and the iconic TV series monster, the Demogorgone. Both skins should arrive in the store in the coming days and will be available for purchase with V-Bucks, and presumably will only be available for the duration of the event, so consider your purchase in the future.

Find the images of the skin at the bottom of the news as usual. What do you think? As for the latest in-game news, the Fortnite X Stranger Things event could begin this afternoon.