FromSoftware Producer Is a Pacific Rim Fan: He Dreams of a Collaboration with Del Toro


Masanori Takeuchi is part of the From Software team: in the role of producer, he followed the realization of, among others, Metal Wolf Chaos XD. And, apparently, he’s a big Pacific Rim fan!

In an interview granted to during E3 2019, Takeuchi, in the wake of the announcement by Elden Ring , which saw the participation of writer George RR Martin , discussed what would be his “collaboration of “dreams. 

His response involved the famous director Guillermo Del Toro! As stated, in fact, the producer is a big fan of Pacific Rim films, which according to his vision have well reconciled the approach to “futuristic robots” typical of anime for boys with a “mature setting”. He added: “Obviously, we are working on Metal Wolf Chaos, and we also love mechs and robots – and we think that some kind of collaboration in that area would be fun” Among the possible manifestations of a partnership, Takeuchi highlighted the potential that could have an animated adaptation of Metal Wolf Chaos! 

We take the opportunity to inform you that the new gameplay trailer for Metal Wolf Chaos XD has finally announced the launch date of the game, which will land in the West on August 6th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.