Jesse Faden Fights the Sibilo in the New Video Gameplay of Control on PC with Ray Tracing

Control: Dynamic Gameplay

Inspired by Remedy’s video diary on Control’s Sibyl, DualShockers’ colleagues packed a rich 25-minute gameplay trailer showing Control’s brave protagonist, Jesse Faden, while confronting the multidimensional beings in Sam Lake’s new action thriller.

In the scarce half-hour of game scenes immortalized in the film that stands at the beginning of the article, the young director of the Federal Bureau of Control explores the settings of the New York government complex to go hunting for paranormal creatures, holding its trustworthy “alien” gun.

Between Metroidvania sessions imbued with free-roaming elements and purely action breakers with shootings and clashes with the “bosses at the end of the level”, the new video allows us to appreciate the level of detail that can be reached on the PC by providing us with a graphics card capable of supporting technology by Ray Tracing. The Digital Foundry collective has dedicated to the DXR of the Jesse Faden adventure an analysis that rewards the efforts made by Remedy in integrating Ray Tracing in Control, even defining it as the best ever seen on PC.

Recently, Remedy reacquired the intellectual property rights of Alan Wake and was the center of numerous speculations regarding his possible entry into the subsidiary family of Sony Interactive Entertainment. As for the launch of Control, we recall that the commercialization of the latest digital effort by the authors of Quantum Break, Alan Wake and Max Payne is scheduled for the upcoming next August 27 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.