Jirachi Offered as a Bonus to the Participants of the Pokemon Go Fest of Dortmund


Niantic Labs has announced that all those who will participate in the Pokemon GO Fest of Dortmund this summer will receive a welcome bonus, namely the Pokemon Jirachi.

The participants of the event (scheduled from 4th to 7th July) will have to visit some specific points on the map and go to the reported Pokèstops, this will automatically receive Jirachi, the third generation Pokemon will be added to its Pokedex without having to capture it.

Jirachi has already been distributed in other events in Japan and North America but had never arrived in Europe as an event bonus, in the coming months in all likelihood the Pokemon will also be accessible to those who did not participate in the Pokemon GO Fest 2019 in Dortmund, a moment, however, there are no certainties about Jirachi’s distribution methods.

On the occasion of the Pokemon GO Fest 2019, Niantic Labs has also begun the distribution of chromatic Nidoran, which can now be captured all over the world.