Monster Hunter World Iceborne Will Be the Last Expansion: Details on Updates and Narration

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Two More New Weapons Unveiled by Capcom

With the Iceborne expansion of Monster Hunter World, gamers will be able to expand the boundaries of their in-game adventures. More details on this production were shared by the producer and the project director.

Respectively corresponding to the figures of Ryozo Tsujimoto and Daisuke Ichihara, the two have recently been protagonists of an interesting interview granted to Game Informer. During the latter, many important details were shared on what will be the fundamental characteristics of the production. Among these, we find confirmation that “[…] Iceborne substantially completes World and therefore will be the last expansion”. The team, however, is already working on planning future updates and Tsujimoto invites gamers to “stay tuned for details “.

On the content front, it is highlighted that to access the new narrative component, Hunters and Slayers must have completed Monster Hunter: World first. Not all the events introduced by Iceborne will take place in Hoarfrost Reach, but about half will actually be set in the new area. Precisely on the characteristics of the latter, several details on Hoarfroast Reach had been shared in the past.