Need for Speed ​​World Comes Back to Life with a Mod That Lets You Play It for Free Offline

Need for Speed ​​World

Almost in response to EA’s leadership and their decision not to want to show the new Need for Speed ​​at E3 2019 , modders Berkay2578 and Nilzao literally bring Need for Speed ​​World back to life thanks to an amateur tool, downloadable for free, which bypasses the multiplayer limitations and allows you to play it offline.

In spite of the closure of the servers of Electronic Arts open world racing game, which took place in 2015, the mod in question allows arcade driving games fans to dart around the digital streets of Need for Speed ​​World and take part in all the challenges and the ingame activities of the original title, except, of course, for multiplater methods.

Once downloaded to PC NFS World (in its final version, v1.9) and proceeded to install the mod following the instructions provided by the amateur developers, the only elements of gameplay missing are the module for the purchase of the cards, the progression results and local and online multiplayer.

To break away from EA’s now closed servers and return to playing Need for Speed ​​World , the new mod creates a local offline server that can be customized and which, as such, is fully functional. The solution devised by Berkay2578 and Nilzao could also apply to many other online video games whose servers have been closed for a long time or will be shortly, as in the cases of Dragon’s Dogma and, if it is possible given the exclusivity on console, of DriveClub on PS4 whose servers will close in April 2020 before being removed from the PS Store.