Nintendo Switch Mini: An Important Feature Can Be Seen in the Cover Leak Photos


Despite the partial denial of Furukawa, the images of the Nintendo Switch Mini covers leaked on the net these days feed the hopes of the fans and seem to confirm the presence of an important function of the next console of the Kyoto house.

As rightly pointed out by colleagues at Forbes, the careful analysis of the leaked images of the plastic covers of the future Nintendo Switch Mini are not limited to offering us advances on the form factor and on the design of the new hardware revision of the hybrid gem of the Great N but show the presence of a feature that, based on the rumors of the last few months, should have been missing, ie the port for the dock .

In all the plastic covers that emerged online, we find a space dedicated to the entrance to connect the console to an external dock with which to load the system and use it on a TV as a traditional home platform. The only doubts regarding this choice, however, would be represented by the impossibility, for the future buyers of Switch Mini, to release the Joy-Con from the console, being “fused” to the body of the platform to contain its dimensions and, presumably, reduce the cost of production and marketing price.

However, the presence of the dock connector would offer the opportunity to Switch Mini users to play on any TV with HDMI input using two “standard” Joy-Con or, alternatively, a Pro Controller. Based on the latest rumours bounced on the net, it would also seem that Nintendo has decided to launch PRO version of Switch on the market.