People Can Fly Dreams of Developing Bulletstorm 2 on PC, ps5 and Xbox Scarlett

people can fly

People Can Fly managing director, Sebastian Wojciechowski, uses the media visibility guaranteed by to send a message to any videogame producer interested in collaborating in the development of the Bulletstorm sequel for PC and next-gen console.

Speaking on behalf of the top executives of the Polish company, Wojciechowski does not hide the fact that “we acquired the IP of Bulletstorm because it is still in our hearts. We want this intellectual property to have a second life. Of course, we do not know what this means and where this will lead us feeling, but of course, since we can this IP, which is very well known and has its fans, we would like to do something about it”.

However, the CEO of People Can Fly is aware of the fact that, in order to carry out such a project, it is necessary to make agreements with a publisher interested in supporting and financially supporting the ambitions nurtured by those who want to give shape to Bulletstorm 2, as he himself explains, stating that ” there are no immediate plans to return to this IP, especially considering our current effort on Outriders, but if we think about a longer period, obviously it would be great to come back to Bulletstorm, we just have to think about how to secure a larger audience ( compared to Bulletstorm 1, ed) , this is something we will have to work on a little more to ensure a rosy future for this series “ .

From 2011 to today, Bulletstorm has sold 2 million copies, a result that, while not meeting the original expectations of the PCF team, hides within it the excellent sales numbers of the Full Clip Edition for PS4 and Xbox One, leaving hope for the commercial outcome of the Duke of Switch Edition scheduled for this summer on Nintendo Switch.