PS5: Will Sony Face the Next-Gen by Becoming Nintendo? the Opinion of Forbes


Following the diffusion of the first technical features of the PS5, the long path that will lead to the debut of the next Sony console has officially opened.

Recently, the famous magazine Forbes has also published an interesting special dedicated to the next-gen videogame, by Dave Thier. Inside it is shared an interesting evaluation key of what could be the future strategy of the Japanese giant, which, it is claimed, “seems willing to follow the path of Nintendo”. An intriguing comparison, which is based on growing attention from Sony to the development of prestigious single-player AAA games, exclusive for their own platforms and developed by internal teams. A path that, according to the author, began in the second half of the PlayStation 3 era and continued along the life cycle of PlayStation 4. As an example, productions such as God of War, Uncharted, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The reflection of Forbes goes on to underline how currently “the first-party development of Sony is stronger than ever” and how, unlike Microsoft, which supports both the Xbox ecosystem and the PC, is bound to a single platform, which in the near future it will be PlayStation 5. In a context in which many looking at productions of the games-as-a-service genre, Sony and Nintendo seem to represent a sort of “bulwark” for this type of videogame experience.

A stimulus for reflection certainly interesting that offered by Forbes, also by virtue of the recent rumors that would like Sony ready to acquire new studies: what do you think?