Rise of Mobile Gaming: Nearly 40 Billion Dollars in Revenue in the First Half of 2019

Mobile Gaming

The irresistible rise of video games on mobile systems shows no sign of stopping. According to the latest report from the analysis company Sensor Tower, during the first six months of 2019 digital stores for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones generated video game app revenues of around 40 billion dollars.

According to data collected by SensorTower, during the first half of the year, App Store and Google Play users spent about $39.7 billion, corresponding to today’s exchange rate of €35.19 billion. The estimates, it should be pointed out, refer only to mobile video games, including pay-per-view titles and free-to-play apps that feature a store for optional micro-transactions.

Compared to the data recorded in the first half of 2018 this is an increase of 15.4 %: it is not surprising, therefore, if an increasing number of developers, multi-platform publishers and console manufacturers decide to look at mobile gaming for expand the user base and improve its finances.

Going into the specific tastes of players on tablets and smartphones, those who own an Android system spent $14.2 billion (+ 19.6% compared to last year), an incredible figure but still lower than the €25.5 billion dollars generated by videogames apps downloaded on iOS systems by iPhone owners. 

SensorTower estimates do not take into account the revenues generated by Google and Apple digital stores, as in the case of Epic Games and the mobile version of Fortnite.