Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft Plan to Reduce Production in China?

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft Plan to Reduce Production in China?

Despite the sort of truce between the United States and China decided during the recent Osaka summit, the two countries do not seem to have had a good time lately, given the recent commercial conflict that has recently erupted and the threat of heavier duties and therefore an increase general production and sales costs of products.

Precisely because the situation is so uncertain as to change almost daily, the large electronics companies operating in China are thinking of transferring part of their production, mainly with regard to the tech branch and products destined for the United States, in other countries.

Nikkei reports that HP and Dell are thinking of relocating 30% of their notebook production outside China, for example, and companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Sony, and Nintendo could soon follow in their footsteps, as far as the manufacture of consoles, smart speakers and so on.

Even Lenovo, Acer and Asus would be thinking of making similar decisions, and it would be a bad blow to the Chinese economy, which relies almost entirely on the export of technological products, so much so that since 1991 the gains in this sector have increased their value of 136 times, an incredible figure, going from 10 billion dollars to 1.35 trillion dollars in 2017.