Stranger Things 3 the Game Is Available with the New Season of the Netflix Series!

Stranger Things 3

In conjunction with the arrival of Stranger Things 3, BonusXP has released Stranger Things 3 The Game, the official video game of the new season of the hugely popular Netflix series.

” Stranger Things 3 The Game is the official game of the Third Season of the famous original series. Play following the unfolding of the family events of the series and discover adventures, interactions with characters and secrets never seen before! This adventure game blends an artistic style typically retro with modern gameplay mechanics, to provide you with innovative fun but with a nostalgic touch. Just like in the series, teamwork is key in Stranger Things 3: The Game fans can form teams of two players to explore the game Hawkins world, solve puzzles and fight the upside-down villains as one of the twelve characters in the beloved series. “

Stranger Things 3 The Game is now available for download on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone/tablet.