The Price of PlayStation Classic Continues to Fall in the United States

PlayStation Classic

The price of PlayStation Classic continues to fall month after month: in particular, several American chains like Best Buy are selling the Sony mini console for just € 24.99, compared with a list price set at $59.99.

The situation is similar in Europe, where the initial price (99.99 euros) has progressively fallen over the last few months, first going to 59.99 euros and then to 39.99 euros , until the super offer of PlayStation Days of Play in June, which saw PlayStation Classic for sale at 29.99 euros throughout Italy (and in many European countries) for a week.

The Sony micro-console has not had the commercial success hoped probably for a lineup that is not always in focus, unable to satisfy the large audience. In any case, this apparent failure has not slowed the desire for retro mini consoles: in September we will see the Mega Drive Mini on the shelves while by the end of the year the PC Engine Mini and C64 Maxi will arrive.