Apex Legends 2: Wattson’s Ultimate Is Plagued by a Glitch


Wattson is the latest legend of the Apex Legends roster that debuted this week with Season 2 of Respawn’s Battle Royale. However, it seems that the character is afflicted with a glitch …

According to some Reddit posts, Wattson’s Ultimate, called Intercept Trellis, can make the character partially visible on the map in the eyes of other players. The glitch is linked to the Mirage holograms and some Caustic moves, which in fact go short with the electric barrier generated by Wattson, making the hero visible.

This is a glitch of no small importance, which greatly affects the strategy behind the use of Wattson’s Ultimate. At the moment Respawn has not intervened on the matter but in all probability, the bug will be fixed very soon with a small hotfix, the community is making its bad mood on the official channels of the game, with the aim of obtaining a response from the studio.

Mirage Clones Tell You Where Wattson Is from apexlegends