Apex Legends: It Is Possible to Win Thanks to Monsters and a Video Shows It to Us

Apex Legends On PC

Among the various innovations of the second season of Apex Legends, we certainly find the enormous four-legged creatures that roam around some areas of the Canyon of the Kings and, according to some testimonies, can be really dangerous.

It is indeed thanks to the intervention of a paw of these creatures that a team of players in difficulty managed to triumph. The huge leg of the monster has, in fact, caused the death of as many as two different players from one of the last two remaining teams, thus giving victory to the team in difficulty. So this is not just an element of the scenario, but these creatures can have a well-defined role in the game dynamics. But you have to be very careful because trying to make your opponents fall into a trap, there is always the risk that you could hit them.

As for the Flyers, the dragon-like creatures that fly around, they can be struck in such a way that they let the crate they have fallen between their legs, usually full of useful booty.

Before leaving you to the video of the bizarre victory, we invite you to take a look at Wattson’s Ultimate glitch, discovered by some users in the last hours. Have you already redeemed your Apex Legends Twitch package, which includes camouflage for the L-Star, a Wattson skin, and other upcoming content?