Apex Legends Season 2: A Free Skin Pack for Twitch Prime Subscribers

Apex Legends 2

As announced a few days ago, the new package containing a costume for Wattson and a camouflage for the legendary L-Star machine gun from Apex Legends is available for all Twitch Prime subscribers.

In addition to being able to unlock the two contents by connecting your Twitch profile to the EA Origin profile, you can also take a first look at the next incoming skins. The package contains a total of 6 different skins, 4 for the characters and 2 for the weapons. At the moment we only know that the next packages will concern Octane, Mirage, and Bangalore (the only one whose skin has been seen), while we don’t know the name of the weapon that will receive an additional camouflage.

Although in the FAQ of the offer page it is specified that the contents can be unlocked on a single platform, it seems there are those who managed to get the additional packages on all the platforms associated with the same EA Origin account. In any case, we advise you to log in first on the platform you use most often and then on the others, in order to avoid any kind of problem.

Did you know that the Apex Legends Play Pack can be downloaded by PlayStation Plus subscribers even during the second season?