Apex Legends Season 2, Wattson User Guide: Skills, Ultimate and Strategies

Apex Legends Season 2

The Season 2 of Apex Legends introduced several innovations, including the new legend Wattson now available on the roster of the battle royale of Respawn Entertainment. In this mini-guide, we will give you useful tips and strategies to make the best use of Wattson’s skills and ultimate in the game.

Natalie “Wattson” Paquette is the daughter of the electrical engineer in charge of Apex Games. He studied countless manuals and learned a lot from his father, discovering his vocation when he was still a child. Electricity fascinated her: her predictable and orderly flow was the only thing that made sense in an extremely chaotic world.

Unfortunately, his father passed away the same day as the opening of the games, leaving her adrift and alone in the world. When he was about to hit the bottom, he found refuge in the same arena he helped build, fighting alongside his friends. Below we present his skills.

Wattson’s Skills and Ultimate

Like all other roster legends, Wattson has a tactical ability, passive ability, and ultimate ability. We describe them below:

  • Perimeter Defense (tactical ability): Create electric barriers by connecting nodes. The barriers inflict damage on the enemy and slow them down.
  • Flash of genius (passive ability): Ultimate accelerators recharge the Ultimate ability 100%. To recharge your tactical ability faster, you need to approach the interception pylons.
  • Intercept trellis (ultimate ability): Place an intercept pylon that destroys the explosives and repairs the damaged shields.

Tricks and Strategies for playing with Wattson

Wattson presents himself as a defensive character, with useful skills both outside and during gunfights. Its Ultimate can help repair damaged shields and destroy explosives in the surrounding area. Placing your electric fences around your location will cause enemies to think twice before approaching your team. Obviously try not to do it in an open area, since in that case, the enemies could easily get around them.

Place your electric fences inside buildings to prevent opponents from entering. Avoid placing them outside, otherwise, the enemies could shoot at the pylons and disable them. Alternatively, place the electric fences outside the building where an enemy is present to trap them inside.

Always remember to stock up on accelerators! Using them you can immediately load the Ultimate, with the possibility of placing three intercept pylons much faster than your opponents can expect.

The fences placed by the other team’s Wattson have a different colour than yours, so try not to confuse them! Your intercept pylon can counteract the Ultimate of Bangalore and Gibraltar, provided you place them before the two legends in question launch their grenades.

The fences can also be used to push the enemies to go in a certain direction, lengthening the time needed to reach you, thus gaining precious seconds to restore and charge your shields and your health.

Wattson’s intercept truss significantly reduces the recovery time of its fence, so don’t just use it to counter the Ultimate of Bangalore and Gibraltar. 
An interesting trick is to place fences just outside the spacetime slot of an enemy Wraith, so as to damage and slow down the opponents that cross it.

Remember that your fences disappear when enemies pass through them. Wattson can get by with both long-range and short-range weapons, but if you find yourself in a place with your fences nearby, a shotgun remains the best option to defeat any enemies that decide to go through your fences.

Are you having fun with the new season of Apex Legends? We recall that Season 2 of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale introduced several free rewards for all players.