Brexit: Provided Incentives and Bonuses for the Transfer of UK Software Houses to France

Join the Game! France, the Best Place to Create

“Join the Game! France, the Best Place to Create” is the new campaign launched by the French Government’s Directorate General for Incentives to Encourage all developers of English software houses to move to France to get incentives, bonuses and tax breaks in view of Brexit.

The end of the United Kingdom’s accession to the European Union is indeed a cause of great uncertainty on the part of those who, in the video game industry, intend to open new offices in the UK and continue to develop their projects despite the inevitable problems, both of purely economic nature that logistics, caused by Brexit .

For this reason, from nearby France, the top representatives of the local videogame industry lobby (one of the most influential on the whole planet, not only in Europe) lend a hand to those who wish to continue their work in this sector through a series of reliefs. tax and bonus.

In addition to the French Government, in support of the initiative we find the most famous development and production houses of the transalpine scene, such as Quantic Dream(Detroit Become Human) and Game Atelier (Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom), reminding potential users of these incentives that France actively contributes to the creation of these titles through national investments and European Community funding . For those who want to go deeper into the subject, we leave you to the analysis of the Games4EU movement and their report on the potential effects of Brexit on UK video games.