Control: This Is How Long the New Alan Wake Authors’ Game Will Last

Control: Dynamic Gameplay

After admiring again the title in action on PC with Ray Tracing enabled, the developers of Remedy Entertainment, after completing the re-acquisition of the rights to publish the Alan Wake series, return to tell us about their next intriguing project.

The developers have focused particularly on the longevity of the title, which may be more or less extensive depending on how you choose to tackle the adventure. Control, in fact, will offer much more besides the campaign, starting from the side quests, going through its level design inspired by the Metroid series, and several side activities.

Remedy defines Control as “a vast and complicated title” that “can be played in multiple ways”. Despite not being able to provide “scientific” numbers, the software house believes that in 15-20 hours the main campaign and “some secondary mission” can be completed. Surely, therefore, the completists can continue to indulge themselves with the powers of Jesse Faden even after the 20 hours of play.

We remind readers that Control will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting from August 27th, 2019.