Diablo 4: New Rumor About Classes, Combat Systems and ps5 and Scarlett Output


Yesterday, a very long post has appeared on Reddit containing the possible details on Diablo 4, the new title of the famous Blizzard series that will try to revive the fortunes after a third rather chatted chapter.

According to when stated in the post, the game is a real reboot for the series despite the number in the title being present. It, therefore, seems that Diablo 4 is a bit like the recent God of War, which re-elaborates many elements of the series leading to a higher level.

Here is a list of game details:

  • The game will be an Action RPG with a strong MMO component and an isometric view
  • No loading time except for the initial one, which will be used to log in
  • Diablo 4 will be powered by a new engine, designed specifically for the new gameplay mechanics
  • The development has as its main reference the consoles since the beginning (PS5 and Scarlett)
  • The artistic sector has been called “dark”, to the point of remembering in more than one point of view what we have seen in titles like Bloodborne and Dark Souls
  • The most appreciated aspects of Reaper of Souls such as the Kunai Cube, Seasons and Portals will be resumed
  • Blizzard has learned from the mistakes made with Diablo 3, taking advantage of the experience gained to improve the new game mechanics
  • The sound sector will be more similar to that of Diablo 2 than to that of the third chapter
  • Initially, Blizzard wanted to develop a remake of Diablo 2 but then decided to move to a completely new chapter with the same game as a reference point
  • The demo shown behind closed doors lasts about half an hour and is probably the same one that will be shown to the next Blizzcon
  • The only classes shown are the Barbarian and the Druid played only for a matter of minutes
  • Sanctuary will be much larger than before and is designed to hold a large number of MMO-style players
  • The servers will support around 100 players simultaneously
  • Tristram is the only gaming hub shown, but there will be others
  • Players will be able to trade with each other, exchanging weapons and materials. However, it seems that the rarest weapons cannot be sold or purchased (this element is not definitive)
  • The Barbarian will have some of his characteristic moves like the Cyclone, which will allow him to turn quickly and hit opponents in every direction. The Druid can instead turn into animals like the wolf or the bear and continue to attack without interruption in the passage from one form to another
  • There is a combo system that allows you to chain some attacks and inflict more damage to enemies
  • The initial classes should be Barbarian, Druid, Paladin, Sorcerer, and Amazon. Over time, additional classes will also be published. Initially, the team was undecided whether to insert the Druid or the Necromancer, already present in Diablo 3
  • Crafting will play a key role in Diablo 4
  • The skill tree was not shown, but it seems that Blizzard wants to be inspired by what we have seen in games like Grim Dawn and Path of Exile
  • The character’s statistics will not increase automatically and the player will decide how to develop them
  • There is no confirmation of the presence of PvP, but the developers seem willing to include it. Given the precedents, they do not want to give players false hopes
  • The game should be a Game as a Service and all future content will be free. However, possible expansions against payment are not excluded, but everything will depend on the success of the game and will be decided at a later time
  • The release date has not yet been decided, but the game should come between 2020 and 2021 on PC, Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5

All this very interesting information, however, should be taken with pliers, since it could be yet another artfully created fake. There is nothing left for us to do but wait for a confirmation from Blizzard, which could reach the next Blizzcon.

According to some rumors, it also seems that Blizzard is working on Overwatch 2, which could experience this time around PvE.