Dreams on PS4: The Early Access Phase Is Booming, Reveals Media Molecule

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Reported to MCVUK colleagues by the co-founder and creative director of Media Molecule, Mark Healey, the Early Access phase of Dreams on PS4 has exceeded the most optimistic expectations of British authors, with a great sales success and a strong interest of the community of enthusiasts.

“It’s going well, much better than we could have ever hoped,” remarks Healey to convey to us the enthusiasm of the Media Molecule guys for the welcome given by the fans to the early access version of Dreams. Having made this necessary clarification, the co-founder of the English software house explains that “we want to develop the game with slow and incremental updates, so as to resolve any problems before they are highlighted by the players, also because the quality of our community is incredible”.

“We dreamed of such a welcome,” Healey continues to thank the players, stating that “before launching the Early Access we turned to many Dreams fans and we asked many of the LittleBigPlanet creators. The experience I had with them and with the community is very kind, in the sense that our community loves to collaborate and help each other, so I think it’s really a good feeling to see all this”.

In concluding his speech, the manager of Media Molecule is certain that many Dreams players “will become great video game developers in the future. Half of the people who work in Media Molecule come from the LittleBigPlanet community, for example. wants to enter the world of video game development, for sure Dreams is a great place to start because you learn a lot and meet fantastic people”.

According to Media Molecule, the Early Access phase of Dreams will end soon, although support for the exclusive title on PS4 will be constant and, presumably, will also continue on PS5 with new free updates. In the meantime, have you already seen the splendid replica of the DualShock 4 in Dreams?