Elite Dangerous Has Alleviated the Suffering of a Young Terminal Patient

Elite Dangerous

Although it is a few weeks ago, in the last hours the moving story of young Michael, a fifteen-year-old from Cambridge suffering from a serious illness that unfortunately did not give him a chance, is going around the web.

Michael spent much of his last months playing Elite Dangerous in the company of his uncle, who documented his progress in the game on Twitter. In a short time, the whole game community moved to give the boy a hand in achieving the goals he had set himself since they would have asked him a great deal of time and his serious condition didn’t allow him to see the screen perfectly. The support also came from the development team of Frontier Development, who visited Michael several times bringing him various gifts related to Elite Dangerous.

As if that were not enough, the developer Zac Antonaci has collaborated with various elements of the community to give life to a new game quest with Commander Michael Holyland. This was developed in just a few hours and even voice actors were hired. The sudden exit of this mission gave Michael one last joy since he died in the next 24 hours.

In short, it is a really sad story that shows how the community knows how to be united and available in similar cases.