Fair Success in Japan for Samurai Shodown in the Launch Week

Samurai Shodown: A Demo Arrives in Japan on PS4 and Xbox One

SNK announced sales of Samurai Shodown relating to the first week of presence on the Japanese market. In the first seven days of marketing, the beat’em up placed 40,606 copies in Japan.

Of these 40,000 copies, 30,000 are physical units sold in stores and 10,000 digital downloads from PlayStation Store. With a press release, SNK declared itself satisfied with these results and announced that it will soon publish a free theme for PS4 as a thank you for the community.

As noted by some sources, however, the numbers would seem to be lower, in particular, Famitsu speaks of 15,000 retail copies, half compared to official publisher data, presumably based on Media Create numbers and internal distribution figures. In any case, Samurai Shodown was well received by critics and sales are expected to grow further in the coming months.

The SNK fighting game is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide, PC and Nintendo Switch versions will be released later this year.