Fallout 76: The Next Patch Will Simplify the Game for Newcomers

Fallout 76: Bethesda Is Still Planning to Support Mod

In the last hours, the official website of Fallout 76 has been updated with a new and long post in the series “Inside the Vault”, in which some of the novelties coming with the next game update are explained in detail.

The main objective of the patch is to make the experience for new players more enjoyable, which will have to pay less attention to the survival factor. Therefore, during the first few levels players will not have to worry more than due to illness, hunger and thirst. In addition, the enemies located within the Cumulus of Ash, the Wild Split and the Toxic Valley they will be less resistant to our blows, thus offering a less arduous challenge for those who have just finished exploring the forest. Even the quick journey will be easier for newcomers, who will have to pay a reduced amount of caps to move from one place to another. All players are concerned with some changes to food storage, which will not be damaged by making the quick journey and, in the case of raw food and flows, these will last 50% more than now.

The arrival of the update was initially planned for the first few days of July, but it seems that Bethesda needs a few more days to complete the work on the new functionality. Currently, we do not know a release date for patch 11 but it is likely that, despite the postponement, it will not be long in coming.

Have you already read the upcoming improvements for Nuclear Winter, Fallout 76’s battle royale mode? It also appears that support for Fallout 76 mods is still in the works and that developers are willing to implement it.