Fortnite: Here Is the Mat Don’t Abandon Nobody and the Doubles as an out of Stock Weapon


While Fortnite fans are wondering about the innovations that await them with the crossover event dedicated to Stranger Things 3 by Netflix, Epic continues the program of the 14 Days of Summer event and launches a new-time mode and a new weapon Out of Stock.

Starting with the piece of equipment introduced today on Fortnite Royal Battle Island, fans of the free Epic shooter will be happy to know that this is the Double Brace, one of Fortnite’s free-to-play historical weapons. The Doubles goes to replace the Razzobottiglia of yesterday to give way to the players to unleash the ruckus among the explorers of the map.

Parallel and complementary to the addition of the new weapon Outside Warehouse we find then the MAT Don’t Abandon Nobody, an activity to be carried out rigorously in pairs to get the better of the opponents on duty. During the MAT, in fact, there will be several bonuses linked to cooperative gameplay mechanics: the Slurp effect, for example, will be active as long as there are no companions on the ground, and even in that case your “arms colleague” will be immune to damage until we provide for its redeployment in battle.

As long as one of his companions is on the ground, however, all the other comrades are forced to lose the boost guaranteed by the Slurp effect and start to suffer damage over time, consequently, it is necessary to plan and carefully coordinate each move before launching against the enemies. If you are participating in the challenges of the 14 Days of Fortnite event, you will certainly find it useful to consult our guide that allows you to get a score of 10 or more in the Fair boards.