Fortnite: Pad, Mouse and Keyboard at the Center of a New Controversy

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Among Fortnite Battaglia Reale players there has always been a heated discussion on the best control system. The greater precision in the construction phase with the use of mouse and keyboard contrasts with the assisted aiming in the presence of a controller, which allows hitting enemies with precision from long distances.

Recently, however, the discussion has returned to being more alive than ever thanks to the discovery of a new advantage that would concern all users who use a controller, both on PC and on consoles. It appears that when a pad is used, the recoil of the weapons is significantly less, thus giving a clear advantage to the console players when they are using automatic and not very stable weapons. To prove it is several videos, through which it is possible to notice the differences between the two control systems. If we want to talk about numbers, the difference between the recoil and the mouse/keyboard would be around 40%. In short, with a pad, you will suffer a recoil reduced by almost half compared to that of PC players.

This absolutely does not mean that controllers are the best way to play, but it is clear that some of these advantages can shake the balance.

Waiting to find out if there is a response from the developers, we remind you that the Fortnite X Stranger Things event has just begun and the shop objects now have the skins of Hopper and Demogorgone on sale as well as a cover inspired by the Sottosopra. Did you know that the site of the pressure plant robot continues to undergo modifications and now one of the two legs has been completed?

You can check the Reddit post here.