Forza Motorsport for Xbox Scarlett: Turn 10 on the Development of the Next Episode

Forza Motorsport 7

The support 7 Forza Motorsport officially ends next August, when the last update will introduce the Race Bans. After that, the boys of Turn 10 will be able to dedicate themselves completely to the next chapter of the series, which will almost certainly see the light on Xbox Scarlett, the new console coming out at the end of next year.

During the last Forza Weekly, while not revealing the name of the title and the target platforms in an official manner, the guys at Turn 10 talked about the direction they are taking in development and the components of production in which they are placing greater care. To begin with, they have revealed that they are using a system completely new to the creation of paths, which will make it much faster their inclusion in the game. For the moment they are focusing on “authentic motorsport experiences”, but in the next chapter of the series, there will certainly be some original tracks that have made the series history, some of which are among the fans’ favorites. Apparently, they’re also thinking about gods crossover with the Horizon series. Regarding Fujimi Kaido’s much-demanded drift track, the developers said, “We heard you loud and clear guys; we’re working on a lot of things right now. 

An internal team at Turn 10 is also working on fine- tuning the simulation aspects, the Artificial Intelligence of opposing pilots and physics. In particular, they are paying a lot of attention to the deformation of the wheels and their adherence to the asphalt, and in the management of drafts ( drafting ), whose influence on driving in the past was not particularly relevant.

Artistic director Scott Lee also revealed that the team is using “cutting-edge technical solutions borrowed from the film industry to bring the thrill of real life into the game. ” We look forward to seeing the new Forza Motorsport in action, for which GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 developers have even been hired.