Guerrilla Games Takes on New Talent: Is It Developing Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on PS5?

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

The upper echelons of Guerrilla Games update the pages of their official website to look for new professional figures to be included in the development team of their new video game next gen for PS5.

The initiative of Guerrilla Games, the Dutch software house that gave shape to the digital universes of Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn and contributed to the design of the Decima Engine (the same engine that will be used by Hideo Kojima to create Death Stranding on PS4 ), involves a very large number of developers, designers, programmers and artists.

The total number of job positions opened by the European subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment well over 60 units, each with delicate tasks to be filled within a team that will take care of giving shape to one or, even, two or more video games to be allocated to the future user of PS5.

Despite the absence of direct references to the next-gen and, in this case, to Horizon Zero Dawn 2 , the large number and variety of professional figures required by Guerrilla Games can only suggest the return of the dedicated open-world action sci-fi series ad Aloy, especially by virtue of the incredible commercial and critical success achieved by the Dutch authors on PS4.