Horace Arrives in Mid-July: You Decide the Price of the New 505 Games Game!


505 Games has announced Horace, a new adventure platformer that will see the light on July 18th on Steam. The title will allow players to unlock a Metroidvania-style skill set throughout the adventure, and invite them to solve challenging puzzles and defeat very strong bosses in a deep and emotional storyline.

505 Games will give players the chance to determine the price of Horace’s launch on Steam by simply adding it to their Steam wish listFour different levels of discounts have been established, which will be activated only when specific objectives are reached. If at least 200,000 community players will include it in their wishlist by Tuesday, July 16, it will be sold for just 3.75 euros, with a 75% discount. A week after the launch, Horace will, in any case, be offered at the full price, amounting to 14.99 euros.

  • Discount Level 1: 1,000 added to the wish list Steam = €13.49 (10% discount)
  • Discount Level 2: 50,000 added to the wish list Steam = €11.25 (Discount 25%)
  • Discount Level 3: 100,000 additions to the wish list Steam = €7.50 (Discount 50%)
  • 4 Discount Level: 200,000 added to wish list Steam = €3.75 (75% discount)

Developed by Paul Helman and Sean Scaplehorn, Horace is a platform title characterized by eccentric British humor. Paul Helman left his job to devote himself to the creation of the videogame, which took six years of work. Horace will also include a series of mini-games inspired by classic pop culture titles. At the top of the news, you can see the trailer of the announcement, while at the bottom you can find a gallery with the first images released by 505 Games.