Nintendo Is Already Working on an Ambitious Next-Generation Controller

Nintendo Switch Is Updated With the New 8.1.0 Firmware

As president Shunturo Furukawa has already said, commenting on the rumours about Nintendo Switch Mini, in Kyoto “they are constantly developing new hardware”. Apparently, he was not referring only to consoles since during the last meeting with shareholders it was revealed that Grande N is also planning a next-gen controller.

The news, after all, is not surprising that much, since the Kyoto house has always been at the forefront from this point of view. “Nintendo was the first to create the style of play based on the directional pad and additional buttons, which has now become the industry standard, said Shigeru Miyamoto proudly. In the following years, the Wii motion controllers, the “paddone” with Wii U screen and Switch’s Joy-Con, arrived, which easily attach and detach and also include Rumble HD functionality.

However, Mario’s father did not stop there, explaining that Nintendo intends to evolve again and propose something truly innovative in the future: ” At the same time, I think we should hurry to go beyond the current vision, so we are trying everything. Our goal is to create an interface that surpasses today’s controllers, in which what the player does is reflected directly on the screen so that he can clearly perceive the result. This feeling has not yet been achieved. We have tried all types of motion controllers, but none seem to work for all people. For a company that is well aware of how the most ambitious controllers are made, we are working to create one that can be used with ease, and that becomes the standard for the next generation. 

A really ambitious goal, but at the moment it is really difficult to try to hypothesize how Miyamoto’s vision will materialize. Nintendo has surprised us over and over again in recent years, completely changing course from one generation to another. In your opinion, in the light of Miyamoto’s statement, what do they have in mind in Kyoto?