Realm Royale Celebrates the Anniversary with an Update and Many Gifts

Realm Royale

Through a PlayStation blog post, the Realm Royale Community Manager wanted to thank their fans for the first anniversary of the videogame release and to unveil some of the news coming to celebrate the event.

First of all, 200 crowns and chicken skin will be given as a gift for players who log in by July 20th. There is the talk of over three million players reached by the video game during the first year (although there was still a drop in users for Realm Royale), so expect to find … many chickens around.

The developers then recalled the importance of user feedback, which played a key role in the changes made during construction. For example, the class system is now more flexible, and it is possible to become a Magician, Hunter, Assassin or Warrior and at the same time acquire skills of any class. This, combined with the customization system, makes it very difficult to find two completely identical characters within the game.

A new mode of the game was announced, chicken combat, that is, the fight between chickens, is that of turning into birds, one of the main features of the game, which will now be explored a little further.

New skills, maps, weapons and Battle Passes are coming soon, and the game will soon be released in Japan.