Sea of ​​Solitude: A Sea of ​​Solitude in the Launch Trailer for the New EA Game


Sea of ​​Solitude by Electronic Arts arrives today on all the main platforms and for the occasion, the publisher shared the launch trailer for the new EA Origins game, which includes productions such as A Way Out, Unravel and Fè.

When humans suffer too much from loneliness, they become monsters … Sail to an amazing and constantly evolving world in which light and darkness coexist, and discover what it means to be human.

An exciting journey

Sea of ​​Solitude is a multi-faceted introspective adventure where players must guide Kay through his ‘ sea ​​of ​​solitude ‘, taking part in a touching story of light and darkness.

A metaphorical world

The water level rises and falls in relation to Kay’s mood, transforming the submerged city landscape into new areas to be discovered, with new challenges to face.

Face the monster in you

Unravel in fantastic creatures, solve puzzles and free the world from disturbing contaminated memories. Get ready to meet a variety of enchanting and terrifying monsters, each with their own battle against solitude to tell.

Sea of ​​Solitude is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One exclusively in digital format downloadable from Origin, PlayStation Store and Xbox Store.