Shovel Knight Reaches 2.5 Million Copies Sold

Shovel Knight

It was June 2014 when Shovel Knight made his debut on PC. Five years have passed since then, and the game has arrived on practically all the other platforms, from Wii U to 3DS, passing through the Sony and Microsoft consoles up to Nintendo Switch.

To celebrate the five years of the videogame, the developers of Yacht Games have spread a post on their blog where they retrace a bit the history of Shovel Knight and the goals it achieved, such as the crossover with Kratos and Battletoads, the landing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , having had three dedicated amiibo (moreover it is the first amiibo related to a third party product), and the more than 25 character cameos revealed by the software house.

Yacht Games has also revealed the game’s sales figures, which are more than satisfactory: in five years, considering the copies of all the platforms on which it came out, the video game has sold two and a half million units, and being on the way some new DLCs from Shovel Knight , the number is likely to grow further and the target of three million copies sold may not be entirely utopia.

What do you think of the success of the Yacht Games title?