Stranger Things 3 the Game: Let’s See the Game in Action on Nintendo Switch

Stranger Things 3 the Game

The third season of Stranger Things is available from yesterday on Netflix, and many have already given themselves to the wild binge-watching of the show, demonstrating how much the series was expected. But in addition to the television product, yesterday was also the day one of the video game dedicated to the Duffer brothers’ show.

Stranger Things 3: The Game is, in fact, available on PC, PlayStation 4 (a free Stranger Things theme is also available on PS4 ), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and if you want to get a taste of the game before deciding on the possible purchase, you are lucky. On YouTube, in fact, a video was released showing the first 15 minutes of the campaign, so it is possible to see the introduction and a good deal of gameplay.

The video starts from a failed experiment in the laboratory and seems to take up the story of the TV series. The game then puts us in the shoes of Mike and Lucas, two of the main protagonists of the drama, who will try to enter the cinema to watch a movie.

The graphics, as we already know, are very eye-catching to the systems and videogames of the time, and it seems to make us feel the same retro flavor that is felt in the main series, with its continuous references to the 80s.

What do you think of this first taste? Will you buy Stranger Things 3 The Game, or will you settle for the TV series?