The Armored MewTwo Raid Is on Pokémon Go

Mewtwo Raid Is on Pokémon Go

Pokémon coaches, there is good news for you: soon on Pokémon GO, you will have the chance, for a limited period of time, to capture a copy of Armored MewTwo. From July 10th to 31st, in fact, the legendary pokémon will return to the popular Niantic app in limited time raids.

So start gathering your team to have the opportunity to challenge the armored MewTwo, which will come into the game to promote the release in Japanese cinemas of MewTwo Strikes Back Evolution, the remake of the first film dedicated to Pokémon.

At the moment we do not know the weaknesses of Armored MewTwo, so it is difficult to recommend which types of Pokémon to use in battle to have more chances to defeat him, but it will certainly be a tough battle, which will require the work and coordination of all members of the team.

Presumably, the game will also feature the shiny version of the armored MewTwo, so the lucky ones will find the legendary pokémon in an even rarer incarnation. The event dedicated to Armored MewTwo was also advertised with a video, which you find as usual at the beginning of the news.

As mentioned at the beginning, Armored MewTwo will be available on Pokémon GO from 10 to 31 July: are you happy with your arrival? Will you try to capture the legendary pokémon?