The Mystery of Pokémon Evolution: The Free Game for Smartphones Similar to the Classics

Pokémon Evolution

The mobile video game market is rather strange. In fact, digital stores, like the Play Store, often allow you to download applications of dubious origin, which may even try to emulate the most famous titles released on consoles and PCs. This time, however, something different is happening.

In particular, while we were visiting the Galaxy Store or the digital store for Samsung’s applications, we came across a rather unique title, which appears at the second position of the “most requested video games”. We are talking about Pokémon Evolution, a game that, according to screenshots and user reviews, tries to re-propose in a mobile version the experience offered by the classic chapters of the series.

So far nothing strange, except that Nintendo has never announced a game of Pokémon of this type for smartphones and tablets and that the software house behind the project is an unknown Chinese company. In addition to this, according to the Galaxy Store, the game weighs only 383 MB and its version 1.0.1 was published last 11 April 2019. There is also the word “offers in-app purchases”, which indicates the presence of microtransactions.

We have no idea how this is possible and we did not want to try to download the game, since it seems to be a “strange” project, despite the title being at the top of the most downloaded apps on the Galaxy Store.

In short, the situation at the moment is somewhat confusing and we hope that official information about Pokémon Evolution will arrive. On YouTube, there is no lack of gameplay videos, but given the insecurity, we advise you not to trust it too much.