Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Developers Present All the Details on the Multiplayer

Animal Crossing New Horizons Will Not Support Cloud Saves

During the Nintendo Direct broadcast during E3 2019, a new trailer for Animal Crossing New Horizons was released by the Kyoto House, announcing its postponement to 2020.

The Nintendo Switch title was subsequently the subject of further study at the Nintendo Treehouse station at the Los Angeles fair: from here, in fact, the first and unpublished video gameplay of Animal Crossing New Horizons was shown to the public . A rich game session of around twenty minutes offered fans the chance to learn new production details.

Now, an interesting interview with developers by Nintendo itself sheds light on further details, including the main features of multiplayer in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The producer Hisashi Nogami and the director Aya Kyogoku have thus confirmed that Nintendo Switch users will be able to take advantage of two different multiplayer modes:

  • The first of these is more “traditional” than the canons of the series. If in the past it was indeed possible to visit the towns of other players, this time users will have the opportunity to “visit other islands or receive visits from friends locally or online”. In this mode, up to eight players can be active on the same island.
  • The second mode is instead presented as an absolute novelty for the saga. In particular, ” up to four residents who live on the same island can simultaneously play together in local multiplayer on a single system by sharing the Joy-con”.

What do you think, are you satisfied with these features of Animal Crossing: New Horizons?