Announced Spirit Hunter NG: The Game Will Arrive in the West in 2019!


Directly from the Anime Expo 2019, the Aksys Games team announces a new title in the Spirit Hunter series, confirming its publication also on the Western market.

The software house, during a dedicated panel, shared with the public the trailer for the announcement of the game, which will carry the title of Spirit Hunter: NG . The horror- colored adventure will put us in the shoes of a young man who will face a dangerous threat to try to discover the fate of his younger sister . The latter has mysteriously disappeared and his brother is determined to trace it: to do so, he will have to work with obscure characters, facing choices that may alter the conclusion of the events. As per tradition, you can view the movie directly at the beginning of this news, to have a first, short preview of Spirit Hunter: NG.

The game is proposed as the second videogame chapter of the Spirit Hunter series, which saw its debut with the publication of Spirit Hunter: Death Mark. The production of Aksys Games will cross the borders of Japan, to arrive also on the western market. A precise release date has not been announced, but the game will begin in October 2019. Spirit Hunter: NG will be made available on different platforms: Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, PC and Nintendo Switch.