Bioshock 2 Shows Itself in 4K With ReShade: Here’s How It Looks With Ray-Tracing!

Could a New Bioshock Be Released by March 2020?

The alpha version of the mod ReShade, an interesting tool created by Pascal Glitcher, shows itself applied to the first person shooter that started on the market during the now rather distant 2010.

BioShock 2, developed by the 2K Marin team, brought gamers back to the intriguing narrative universe of the first BioShock. Inside, our videogame alter-ego returned to explore the peculiar settings of the city of Rapture, which however presents itself to the user in a state of abandonment and decay. In fact, from the first chapter, a period of about ten years had elapsed and the new adventure proposed a new protagonist. During 2016, the second chapter of the saga became the protagonist of a second debut on the market, through the publication of BioShock: The Collection.

Now, BioShock 2 has been the protagonist of an interesting experiment, which has seen the application on the game of the mod ReShade of which I spoke at the beginning of this news. In fact, through the application of Pascal Glitcher’s creation, the Youtube Digital Dreams channel has created a 4K video in which it shows the potential results that can be obtained by applying Ray-Tracing technology to the environments of the 2K Marin game. The result is quite interesting: you can take a look at it thanks to the video you find directly at the opening of this news. What do you think?