Death Stranding Gameplay: Sam Bridges Returns to Action in Hideo Kojima’s Images

Death Stranding Gameplay

After confirming his participation in the San Diego Comic-Con to be held July 18 to 21, Hideo Kojima continues to offer us scraps of Death Stranding gameplay through game images starring Sam Bridges.

The latest photographs taken by Hideo at one of the many workstations of Kojima Productions give us spectacular views of the settings that we will explore in this ambitious sci-fi adventure exclusively on PlayStation 4. Thanks to these images we can also sense the great variety of elements that we will be able to change in order to evolve and personalize the hyper-technological suit of our alter-ego.

As we could guess by observing the last, spectacular gameplay trailer with which Death Stranding’s release date was announced, the equipment will play a decisive role in the economy of the game, especially due to the words pronounced by Kojima himself to reiterate that his new sci-fi blockbuster will be neither stealth nor FPS.

Unlike the other black and white screenshots published by Hideo Kojima on the pages of his official Twitter profiles in English and Japanese, plus, the latest images proposed to us by Metal Gear’s dad are in color and, in doing so, help us to identify ourselves in the role of the lonely Sam, the protagonist of Death Stranding played by actor Norman Reedus. At this point, we just have to remind you that the launch of Death Stranding is scheduled for November 8th on PS4 and PS4 Pro, but first, we present the hilarious video of the remake for PS1.