Destiny 2, First Look at the New Lunar Settings of Shadows From Deep

Destiny 2

As the Season of Wealth continues, Destiny 2 is preparing to enter an important new cycle of her life. On September 17, the stand-alone Ombre dal Profondo expansion will be published, which will take us back to the Moon, including a more marked RPG component, introduce cross-save and mark the debut of the game on Steam.

During the presentation last June we already had a little taste of the new contents, but in the past few hours, something even more substantial has arrived. A new trailer, in fact, allows us to take a look at the new lunar settings that will be the background to the new events, which will involve an old acquaintance of the series, the mysterious Eris Morn. Players will undoubtedly recognize the views and typical architectures that stand out in the craters of the terrestrial satellite, which they have already learned to know in the forefather of 2014.

You can view the trailer in question, taken from the transmission on Twitch, at the bottom of the news. We take the opportunity to inform you that you still have a few days to take advantage of the Serraglio bug, which will not be solved before July 9th. Meanwhile, the exotic quest of Lumina, the first weapon capable of treating teammates, was also introduced.

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