Fortnite 14 Summer Days: The Tactical Submachine Gun Arrive

Tactical Submachine Gun

Survivors of the Demogorgone of the Upside of Fortnite X Netflix with Stranger Things 3, the island’s explorers of Epic battle royale continue the 14 Days of Summer event to welcome the new timed mode and the tenth “unvalued” weapon of the program Fuori Warehouse.

After reviving the Double, Razzobottiglia and Assault Rifle with Thermal Sight, US authors accompany the launch of the new MAT with the reintroduction of the Tactical Submachine, one of the most controversial elements of the free to play universe of the Epic Games multiplayer shooter.

The return of the Tactical Submachine Gun goes well with the start of the new time-lapse squad-based mode, a reinterpretation of Team Rumble’sclassic online activities that present more or less important changes. Those who participate in this MAT will be able to constantly regenerate their Health points and recover weapons and Green or superior quality equipment items within the loot cases scattered around the map.

Before leaving any further comments to you about the new out-of-stock weapon and the last modality of the 14 Days of Summer event, we remind you that Fortnite’s Challenges of Week 10 of Season 9 were the protagonists of the last leak of the dataminer.