Fortnite: Where to Find the Fortbyte 83 in a Rock Garden Near the Coast

Fortbyte 83

Our hunt for Fortbyte continues on Fortnite Island Royal Battle (Season 9). From this afternoon you can get the Fortbyte # 83 which is located in a rock garden near the coast: we show you its exact location on the map.

After having explained to you where to find the Fortbyte # 4 accessible by skydiving through the loops above Sacking Shores, in this mini-guide, we show you how to get the Fortbyte # 83 which is located in a rock garden near the coast.

How to get the Fortbyte # 83 located in a rock garden near the coast

The Fortbyte # 83 is located on the north-east coast of the island, east of the Pressure Plant and north of Rifugio Ritirato, inside the small garden where there are stone sculptures. The place in question was highlighted with a red circle on the map shown at the bottom of the page.

All you have to do to get the Fortbyte # 83, therefore, is to land towards the north-east coast of the island, reach the point indicated on the map, enter the rock garden and collect the chip. To find the chip more easily, you can help yourself with a visual reference by looking at the video at the top.

Fortbyte 83 map