Pokemon Masters: Pikachu Will Join the Player, Including Blu, Brock, Misty and Many Others


During the month of June, The Pokemon Company and DeNA officially presented the first gameplay trailer for Pokemon Masters, a new production inspired by the imaginary born in the Game Freak studios.

To provide new details on the mobile game is now the official site of Pokemon Masters, which has recently opened its doors, as announced by the twitter found at the bottom of this news. Through the latter, we learn interesting details about this new videogame incarnation of the colorful Pokemon universe.

First, the information related to our alter-ego: the latter may be either a coach or a Trainer. To accompany the protagonist during his adventures on the artificial island of Pasio, we will find a “Pokemon mate”. The latter could only be one of the most iconic creatures in the series: the ever-trusted Pikachu!

From the “Travel Companions” section of the site, we also learn that within Pokemon Masters there will be space for great characters from the different chapters of the series. Among these we find in fact Brock, accompanied by his trusty Onix, Misty, obviously supported by Starmie, Rina, who appears directly from Pokemon Nero 2 and Pokemon Bianco 2 together with Snivy.

Finally, in the “Past Games Coaches” section, the already announced Rosso and Sandra, flanked by Charizard and Kingra, but also other icons. Among these, inevitable Blu, the famous nephew of Professor Oak and rival historian of Rosso, who will be accompanied by Pidgeot. Directly from the Sinnoh Region, comes the Camilla Champion, supported by Garchomp. Pokemon Dragon Iris lover will be joined by Haxorus, while Brendon will be able to count on Treecko. In Pokemon Masters, we will also find Fiammetta and Barry, accompanied respectively by Torkoal and Piplup. Finally, space also for Ornella and her trusty Lucario, the trainer Malpi, accompanied by Palossand, and Spino, who will have Bronzong at his side.