Super Smash Bros Ultimate: DLC Trailer for Shantae 5 Attracted the Attention of the Players


On Friday 5th July, the WayForward team published a new Shantae 5 trailer, which showed the game’s Opening Animation, created by Studio TRIGGER.

Well, it seems that some particularly attentive gamers have noticed a small detail in the movie that immediately gave way to a wide series of speculations about the possibility that Shantae’s character can join the roster of Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters! A snapshot taken from the trailer portrays the girl/genius with her long and thick violet hair while she looks absently in the direction of a window. The shape of the latter, however, reminded several users of the Smash Bros series logo, thus giving way to a vast set of hypotheses regarding a possible debut of Shantae as the fighting DLC of the Nintendo fighting game!

The similarity, as you can see at the bottom of this news, actually exists: is it really a clue? Or is it a simple coincidence? Unfortunately, to get an answer there is nothing to do but wait for any news about it! In the meantime, Super Smash Bros Ultimate players have the certainty that if they have taken the Dragon Quest-themed DLC and the Banjo Kazooie DLC, they will be made available over the next few months.